Long Term Rentals in Roatan

I’m in the business of selling real estate. But what I never want to see is a client purchasing before fully considering all the options – and therefore making a rash decision. If you’re not very familiar with Roatan yet, it’s a good idea to rent a place for a while to get to know different areas of the island before buying. There are long term rentals in Roatan where you can see what it’s like to live here before making the real estate leap.

I highly recommend that you come stay in Roatan for a while to better understand life here before you jump into the real estate market. Even though I ultimately want to sell real estate, I’m not in the business of pushing people to make bad decisions. I want you to choose your home wisely to ensure it makes you happy.

Rentals Roatan

Community of Gibson Bight, Roatan

Long Term Rentals in Roatan

If you’re considering buying but want to stay for a while first, here are a few long term rentals in Roatan where you can get a feel for daily life here.

It’s hard to find long term rentals online since most online listings will be for week-long vacations. These options below offer both short- and long-term rental options. Even renting for one month straight instead of just a week will show you what life is like, from going to the grocery store to seeing different weather to maybe even paying a few bills for phone or electricity usage.

This long term rental option is located in the West Bay neighborhood called Tamarind Drive which would show you what life is like in a more residential area off the beach. You’ll want a car and you’ll get a feel for this popular part of the island at the western tip.

There are two long term rental options located in Sandy Bay within a private community close to West End. This one is more traditional island style with colorful décor and beach-style furnishingsThis one in the same complex boasts a more modern feel with travertine tile and granite countertops. The neighbourhood is just minutes from  popular West End to one side and commercial Coxen Hole to the other.

The beach is actually a road through Sandy Bay, which is a unique experience for many visitors! Doing a long term rental in either of these Roatan homes offers a glimpse into life in this more residential area.

It’s still conveniently located between commercial areas for easy access to all you need, but farther than you might be as a tourist. You could either rent a car or utilize public transportation from here quite easily.

Buying Real Estate Roatan

Ocean View and Beachfront properties available in Roatan

Stay in Roatan Long Term Before Buying Real Estate

If you’re from the U.S. or Canada, you’ll receive up to 90 days on a tourist visa upon arrival in Honduras. That offers a fantastic snowbird opportunity to avoid the worst winter months up north!

Renting for a few months is also a great way to start making friends and connections before moving to Roatan full-time. If you’re considering investing in a vacation home that you can also rent out while you’re not using it, staying here for a few months helps you to better understand the rental market and needs of a renter.

Live in Roatan

Luxury Vacation Homes Available for Rent

Live the Good Life in Roatan

Living on an island is honestly my dream come true. I was born in Honduras but mostly grew up in the U.S. When met my partner and we were looking at our future together, we decided that moving to Roatan would be a better lifestyle for our family.

We didn’t want to be rushing around stressed out every day for the rest of our lives working in the U.S. – we wanted to marvel at natural beauty and breathe fresh air. We wanted our family to have the freedom to swim in the Caribbean Sea and to explore the lush jungle. We wanted to relax into Island Time.

If you are thinking about buying real estate in Roatan, I highly recommend you do a test run first. Check out a long term rental in Roatan first, stay a while, and then let me know when you’re ready to stay forever.

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