What are Annual Costs for a Beachfront Home in Roatan?

This is a  SOLD home in Sandy Bay with 160 feet of beach frontage, dock and easy access to everything you might need. I’ve gone through all of the bills to give potential Roatan real estate buyers an idea of the annual costs for a beachfront home in Roatan.

This White Sandy Beacfront home is spacious concrete home divided into two-levels on 0.40 acres of land. Located in the small community of Seadancer,  walking distance to a restaurant, dive shop and entertainment at Sol y Mar Beach Club just down the beach. Also included on the property is two units that offer rental potential. The home is currently divided into three units, with 3 bedrooms/ 3 bathrooms upstairs and two apartments that consist of 2 bedrooms/ 1.5 bathroom and 1 bedroom and 1 bath

Beachfront home on Roatan for sale

Annual Costs for a Beachfront Home in Roatan

Want to know more about the cost of living in a beachfront home in Roatan? Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the costs

I’ll use the current exchange rate ($1 = L.24.64) for any charges listed in Lempiras, although sometimes you will pay US Dollars, depending on the company.

  • Yearly property taxes are about L.25,251.64 ($1024). Annual insurance runs about $1,050 (liability only covers the structure and dock)
  • Electricity monthly has been around L.4,830 ($196)Costs like electricity are very subjective. For example, in this beach home, the seller didn’t use much of the AC and I think the monthly cost might come down if more LED lights were used around the house. Motion sensor lights would also help. This annual cost comes to around $2,460.
  • Water -the house has cistern to collect rainwater. The cistern in this house has a capacity of 10,000 gallons. When water is needed the owner buys from Water Express Roatan.  They own a truck that holds a load of 2,000 gallon and will cost you L.2,000 ($81.16)  Annual costs are about L.19,997.82 ($811.60) that’s when using 20,000 gallon per year.
  • To maintain the grounds of the property and beach you are looking at L. 6,899 ( $280)
  • ($280) per month. You can cut this down if you are spending a lot of time at home and could do the maintenance yourself. Annual costs for this service are $3,360.
  • Internet and Cable costs  L.1352.58 ($53.92) per month – or $647.04 for the year.
  • The seller opted not to have an alarm system. But if you were to get Bulldog Security (the most popular security company in Roatan) and have them monitor your alarm, it costs $85 per month. Again, annual costs would be $1,020.
  • The 25-gallon propane tank costs L.385 ($16 Dollars) to fill. This normally lasts us a month and a half, but it entirely depends on how much you use the oven. Annual costs for us are about $128.
  • Drinking water in Roatan is typically from a 5-gallon filtered water container. It costs about $5 to purchase the initial container and then L.35 ($1.50) for each refill. You don’t actually refill your own container, but rather, exchange your empty container for a full one. Annual costs will obviously vary greatly among households! If you go through 5 gallons each week, it will cost you about $78 annually.

A beachfront lifestyle is priceless. But, when you add these numbers, the annual costs for a beachfront home in Roatan are very affordableSeller paid around $1,000 per month to maintain her beachfront home. The cost of living is only one of many reasons people chose to move to Roatan 

Homes like sold Roatan MLS 19-159 that offer a rental unit already included help reduce costs even furtherYou could choose to rent out two units as a vacation rental or as a monthly rental.

Vacation rentals are priced higher than monthly rentals, but your rental preference will determine which is better for you. Perhaps you don’t want to deal with the constant changeover of a vacation rental and you’d prefer to really get to know the renters in your home. 

Or perhaps you’ll find it incredibly fun to constantly meet new people and to play tour guide around the island. The opportunities are truly endless.

Contact me to learn more about moving to Roatan and buying real estate. If these annual costs for a beachfront home in Roatan look manageable to you, then I have plenty of properties to show you!