What do you do to motivate yourself?

Having a positive attitude and being motivated does not always come easy for me, therefore, I have to work on it constantly. Working as a REMAX Real Estate Agent on Roatan, it is especially important. It’s not the type of job where you go to an office from 9-5 and then receive a paycheck. You have to motivate yourself everyday to get there, market yourself, network with others and learn more. Listening to motivational speakers and reading books about success often give me the drive I need to stay focused and reach my goals.

When I was younger and working in project management/sales I had the chance to see Zig Ziglar live. He was the first motivational speaker I had the chance to see and he had a big impact on me. Some of his messages are simple, yet things you forget such as saying hello to people and asking how they are doing. I bought several of his cd’s and listened to them over and over in my car. I still listen to some of his segments from time to time.

As I sit at my desk responding to emails. I often have a motivational speaker playing in the background. On my computer and in my notebooks I have quotes that get me thinking and positive messages to myself. And from time to time, I find myself showing a gorgeous property with stunning view that clears my mind and makes me feel inspired. I think about all the opportunities out there in his beautiful world where the sky is the limit.Blog Motivation

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