Roatan Real Estate in 15 Pictures!

Wave Crushing Iron Shore

Lighthouse Estates Roatan MLS #16-43

Infinity Edge Pool meets the Caribbean Sea

Infinity Bay Condo Roatan MLS #15-536

White Sand and Palm Trees

Beachfront Crawfish Rock Roatan MLS #15-224

Name Your Home

Sandy Bay Lawson Rock Roatan MLS #16-95

Caribbean Views from Bedroom

Beach Villa Pristine Bay Roatan MLS #16-18

Scuba Gear Shop

Dive Resort Roatan MLS #15-519

Sail Boat in Marina

Gibson Bight Marina Roatan MLS #16-81

Candy Cane Sunset


Luxury Beachfront Roatan MLS #15-38

Caribbean Colors

Casa Sophisticada Lawson Rock Roatan MLS #15-479


Home West End Roatan MLS #15-223

Skies, Skies, Skies

Caribe Point Roatan MLS #13-346

Made in Roatan Gift Shop

Alba Plaza Gibson Bight Roatan MLS #14-267

Keep Calm


Oceanfront Home Flowers Bay Roatan MLS #15-504

Keep Walking

Estate Home Calabash Bight Roatan MLS #14-426


Views Sandy Bay Roatan MLS #15-427


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Living in Roatan Honduras

Do you ever want to just slow down life and take the time to enjoy each moment?

Sometimes it feels like life rushes by and suddenly we’re looking back wondering where the years went. There are bills to pay and errands to run; the to do list never ends. Happiness and contentment always seem to be just out of reach.

But that isn’t how life is everywhere. Living in Roatan Honduras means slowing down, appreciating nature, and embracing fun. Expats in Roatan take advantage of the stunning tropical beauty surrounding them to enjoy small moments in every single day. Life in Roatan isn’t about keeping up with the Joneses (nor the Kardashians). Life in Roatan is about happiness.

This is why I love living in Roatan Honduras…

Paradise is waiting for you Roatan

Paradise is waiting for you on Roatan

Life in Roatan is fun

Life anywhere can be as fun as you make it. But in Roatan, we are surrounded by people who are on vacation, enjoying every minute of their time in paradise. So you can’t blame us if we very frequently get caught up in that same excitement!

Expats in Roatan all call themselves retired, whether they’re still working or not. We retired from corporate life, from cubicle boredom, from suits and high heels. We opted for a life filled with fun – in a big way.

Living in Roatan means taking advantage of every opportunity for a new adventure; life in Roatan means saying, “Yes.”

We bask in the sunshine and lounge on the beach; we hop on a dive boat for the chance to see a whale shark and we go out with friends for a day-long fishing trip; we toast to the good life at sunset and we dance the night away under a sprawling sky of stars. Living in Roatan is pure, child-like fun.

Gone to the Beach Sundancer Cabana Roatan MLS 15-387

Gone to the Beach Sundancer Cabana Roatan

Life in Roatan is filled with natural wonder

Living in paradise doesn’t mean you get used to seeing stunning sunsets and forget how beautiful they truly are. No, life in Roatan makes you appreciate natural beauty even more!

We pause whatever we’re doing to marvel as the sun dips into the sea. We still gasp at the sight of a stingray gracefully flying underwater beneath our docks. We marvel at the dive-bombing pelicans seeking a shallow afternoon snack in the sea. Natural beauty surrounds us and yet we never tire of it. Living in Roatan means appreciating those moments every single day.

West end sunset roatan

West End sunset Roatan

Life in Roatan is simple

Do you remember when you used to know your neighbors and you actually spent time with them and interacted on a regular basis? Those days seem far away for a world in which time is money and we certainly don’t make an income gossiping over our ever-higher fences.

But living in Roatan means neighbors are friends and community is the key to everything.

Life in Roatan isn’t a competition to see who has the latest technology or the new fancy car. We don’t care who has a TV – many of us don’t even bother! Living in Roatan isn’t about working more to earn more to spend more to still feel like you’re falling behind. Living in Roatan is about simplicity and remembering what’s truly important in life.

Living in Roatan is about fun. It’s about nature. It’s about reassessing our lives and making sure to appreciate every moment. Life in Roatan is truly paradise. We hope you’ll join us!

Encanto del Mar West Bay Roatan MLS 19-539

Encanto del Mar West Bay, Roatan, MLS #19-124

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Reasons You Should Move to Roatan

Roatan is becoming an incredibly popular destination, both for tourists and for expats. In list after list, Roatan is coming out as one of the premier locations to retire , one of the top destinations , and Roatan is often heralded as one of the top locations in all of the Caribbean. Here are all the top reasons why you should move to Roatan…..

  • Roatan offers incredible real estate prices
    If you want beachfront paradise, you won’t find a better location for affordability and availability than Roatan. Prices are lower than what you’ll find in the U.S. or even the rest of the Caribbean. This gem of the Caribbean provides ample opportunity for you to locate your dream property – whether that’s the ideal plot of land or a home already built to your liking. Take a look through my listings to see the variety of options currently available.
Beachfront Home

Beachfront Home

  • Roatan has a low cost of living
    There is a reason why retirees are flocking to the island of Roatan: its affordable cost of living is very appealing. While Roatan is an island and therefore requires many items – especially food – to be imported, generally speaking the overall cost of living is very affordable. Couples can retire on less than $2,400 per month, making Roatan one of the most affordable islands to retire to in all of the Caribbean.
Alba Plaza Roatan MLS 14-267

Alba Plaza Roatan MLS 14-267

  • Expats in Roatan live an active and fun lifestyle
    Expat life in Roatan revolves around the island’s natural playground. Retirees in Roatan don’t just sit in front of a TV – they live an active lifestyle that keeps them young and energized! Expats with children find ample opportunity for outdoor entertainment and activities for kids. And expats of any age find the lifestyle in Roatan easy to embrace. With an already well-developed expat community on the island, the transition is incredibly easy. Online groups offer ample information while you’re planning your move, and regular hangouts and meet-ups are part of life in Roatan, with groups gathering all around the island. Fitting in is easy in Roatan.
Infinity Bay Condo Roatan MLS 15-536

Infinity Bay Condo Roatan MLS 15-536

  • Roatan has unparalleled natural beauty
    Roatan is often called the Gem of the Caribbean for its stunning natural beauty. This long, thin island is covered in lush tropical jungle, with rolling hills running the full length along the center. Powdery white sand beaches and, of course, the vibrant turquoise and azure Caribbean Sea surrounds Roatan, highlighting every shade of green and blue this world can offer. Yes, Roatan has unparalleled natural beauty that stuns day after day. No expat ever tires of these gorgeous views…especially not the most incredible sunsets that regularly grace our horizon.
Beach Villa Pristine Bay Roatan MLS 15-91

Beach Villa Pristine Bay Roatan MLS 15-91

If you’re convinced that Roatan is the destination you’ve been searching for, contact me today to view some of the most stunning property this Caribbean island has to offer. Whether you’re seeking an affordable retirement or a luxurious beachfront retreat, I am confident that we can work together to make your dreams reality.

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Roatan Real Estate Report 2015


Photography by Devon Stephens Roatan MLS #15-536

Roatan saw incredible change in 2015, which gives us reason to believe that 2016 will be a huge year for the island. In terms of real estate, 2015 was the first rapid growth year since before the worldwide recession and resulting recovery. Home sales saw a huge increase, and construction continues, offering even more inventory throughout the island.

But it’s not just the real estate market in 2015 that has us all optimistic about next year. Roatan saw many changes this year that have helped to increase the island’s popularity among tourists. Let’s take a look at what happened in 2015 that has us all buzzing.

Roatan had a continued high number of cruise ships visiting the island in 2015, and has scheduled its highest number of ships and visitors ever for 2016. With Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines invested in two different ports on the island, there is no indication that this interest will be slowing down any time soon.

Roatan’s international airport added yet another direct international flight through IBC Airways in December 2015 and also started talks with Southwest Airlines for possible service beginning in 2016. Roatan has been put on the map by many more people in the travel industry, which is a great indicator for continued growth.

Roatan was named the #3 island in the world in the 2015 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards. Being voted #3 in the entire world is a huge honor for Roatan. But then again, those of us who live here already knew how great it was!

West Bay, Roatan, was named one of the best up-and-coming beachfront retirement communities by International Living in their December 2015 magazine. International Living also devoted much more coverage to Roatan as a desirable retirement destination throughout the year, also bringing a lot of attention to the number of business opportunities the island offers in their Incomes Abroad monthly newsletter.

As Roatan continues to grow in popularity as one of the Caribbean’s leading destinations, property prices will rise in response. The island has seen steady, slow growth with the introduction of two cruise ship ports and the international airport bringing visitors to the island conveniently and quickly.

But we are obviously on the brink of something big. While we have seen increasing interest for years, it was in 2015 that we all noticed just how popular Roatan has become on the international travel scene.

We are already seeing increased bookings for vacationers in 2016 from previous years’ numbers. Businesses all over the island are seeing an increase in correspondence with upcoming visitors.

Roatan is on the map

There will not be a better time to buy property in Roatan. Now is the final moment where popularity and prices are merging, before prices start going up and staying up

Don’t believe me? Take a look at all the media Roatan has received just this year, coupled with more airlines showing interest in flying to the island and more cruise ships visiting the island, and you’ll see for yourself. Roatan real estate in 2016 will be off the charts – don’t miss your opportunity for a fantastic deal!

2 Things That Can Go Wrong with A Real Estate Sale on Roatan.

Here are the 2 most common mistakes which can lead to many things going wrong in a sale on Roatan.

1) Not getting a realistic price. In your Roatan real estate sale or investment you want to know if you are getting a fair deal. It is very common on the island for buyers and sellers not asking his or her representative to do a CMA or comparable market analysis. If your real estate specialist is part of the Roatan Realtor Association he/she will have access to the Rotan MLS (Multiple Listing Service) of all the properties sold recently or in previous years. They can compare the property to other properties with similarities such as the size of land, square feet in a home or condo, quality of construction, the area/ location and whether it is a beach front or ocean view. Without doing a CMA you may pay too much for your investment or will not sell your property in a timely manner.

2) Following Island time. Remember here is not there! The island moves at an unrushed pace. People love the word ´´mañana´´ (tomorrow). In order to get some things done here you want to make sure you hire a Broker and Agent who will be on top of things.

Buying real estate on Roatan is fairly simple IF you have a specialist real estate agent who knows all of the bumps.You need a Realtor who can take you through the entire process: from assisting you in finding your piece of Roatan to negotiating a final purchase price and to generating your title documents through a highly qualified attorney.

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Million Dollar Listings on Roatan!

Considering purchasing a luxury home in the Caribbean? Roatan , the jewel of the Western Caribbean Island, offers extraordinary upscale properties. Roatan Island is well known for its pristine beaches and the most healthy coral reef in the Caribbean: a divers paradise. The island of Roatan offers a variety of lifestyles and properties. From gorgeous beachfront/oceanfront estates to villas with a stunning ocean view, Roatan has it. The luxury real estate on Roatan is available at a much lower cost compared to other Caribbean islands. Currently in the Roatan Real Estate market there are 13 spectacular properties between $1,150,000 million and $2,779,000 million.

Here is a buyer’s gallery of Roatan’s finest homes:

Pristine Bay Golf Course Villa

Roatan Listing  MLS 15-79 Pearl Court Villa offers an expansive view across the Caribbean Sea and Pristine Bay’s Beach Club. Two story, 6 bedrooms, 4.50 bathrooms. Listed Price $1.150,000

Yellow Bird Gibson Bight, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 14-372  This stunning home was designed to take full advantage of its unique setting. Offers spectacular sea views from its dramatic wrap around ocean front lot. Spacious 4500+ sqft floor plan is perfect for entertaining. The Property includes 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, private dock complete with boat slip, 3 car garage. Listed Price $1,195,000

Home Big Bight, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 14-274 This breathtaking hillside with 200′ white sand beach includes: A villa 3,120 sqft 2 story 3 bed/ 3 bath home; a charming 890 sqft 1 bed/ 1 bath beach house; a small ocean view cabin, a caretaker’s cabin and a swim/ boat dock. The 2.4 acre beach front bluff offers unsurpassed ocean views. Listed Price $1,200,000

Pristine Bay Bayside Court Villa, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 15-92 A magnificent three story, 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom home located right over the 18th Hole of Pete Dye designed Black Pearl Golf Course and offering expansive views of the golf course, mountains and Caribbean Sea from the different decks. Listed Price $1,300,000

Turn Key Luxury Bed and Breakfast, West End, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 14-282 Elegance and craftsmanship combined with over 11,000 square feet of living space make this perfect for buyers seeking value. This luxury home is the definition of move-in-condition. No detail has been overlooked. Every possible amenity is included. From top to bottom, this home was made with the highest quality material: Listed Price $1,350,000


Lawson Rock, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 15-38 This beachfront home offers, spectacular views of the sea. The home, which was extraordinarily designed and constructed for durability and ease of maintenance, features 3 bedrooms (2 luxury masters), 3 bathrooms in the main home, plus a guest house and a garage+workshop area. Listed Price 1,490,000

The Point French Cay, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 14-376 Perfect for a boutique resort or estate home. This is a beautiful property with 320 feet of beach and water frontage with a 6500 sq. ft. house and 2 rentals on a 1.2 acres. Listed Price $1,600,000

Palmetto Bay, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 15-274 An exceptional beachfront home for the discerning buyer. The home offers 3 bedrooms, a media room plus a separate guest home over the double garage. Both the master bedroom and the second bedroom look out over the beach and the turquoise waters of Palmetto Bay Plantation. Casa Luz offers an experience second to none. Rich tropical hardwood. No expense spared. 4 level water filtration. Beautifully finished.Granite everywhere. Harwood and bamboo floors. Exceptional sliding glass doors that actually raise the rolling hardware when the door is closed.An exceptional office with granite desks and Herman Miller Aeron chairs. Wonderful stone details in the master and second bathrooms. Jacuzzi tub and showers finished in river stone. Listed Price $1,700,000

Lawson Rock, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 15-271  Beachfront Pre-Construction.This modern Caribbean design features two reflecting pools at the entrance and an infinity pool in the back overlooking the Caribbean Sea.The finishings of the house are of the highest possible level. Delivery is planned for November 2015. Listed Price $1,890,000

Royal Palm Pristine Bay Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 15-109 Sweeping Views from one of the very best lots at Pristine Bay could be yours. A fully turnkey down to the truck and golf cart and features 3 Bedrooms, wraparound porches, high end finishes, pool, garages, large yard and a bonus room that could be turned into another bedroom, media room or more. Listing Price $1,900,000

French Cay, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 13-225 Eye candy at it’s best! Walk into the large entrance to see through the living room, over the infinity edge pool to the aqua blues and deep blues of the Caribbean.  5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, 186 feet of ocean front with a 120 foot dock with palapa on 1.25 acres. Listed Price $2,200,000

Parrot Tree Plantation

Roatan Listing MLS 12-141 Multi-level home of approximately 10,000 total SqFt including decks and patios sitting on over one third of an acre lot, designed by Award Winning Architects House & House with 360° views that will knock your socks off. It has 5 bedrooms/5.5 baths. Listed Price $2,599,000

Blue Harbor, Roatan

Roatan Listing MLS 15-126 A year round Caribbean island getaway with elegance.This modern Mediterranean design offers 5BD and 5BA and was designed by one of the leading Caribbean Architects. Listed Price $2.779,000

To view photographs of all luxury properties go directly  Roatan Multiple Listing Service