Living in Roatan Honduras

Do you ever want to just slow down life and take the time to enjoy each moment?

Sometimes it feels like life rushes by and suddenly we’re looking back wondering where the years went. There are bills to pay and errands to run; the to do list never ends. Happiness and contentment always seem to be just out of reach.

But that isn’t how life is everywhere. Living in Roatan Honduras means slowing down, appreciating nature, and embracing fun. Expats in Roatan take advantage of the stunning tropical beauty surrounding them to enjoy small moments in every single day. Life in Roatan isn’t about keeping up with the Joneses (nor the Kardashians). Life in Roatan is about happiness.

This is why I love living in Roatan Honduras…

Paradise is waiting for you Roatan

Paradise is waiting for you on Roatan

Life in Roatan is fun

Life anywhere can be as fun as you make it. But in Roatan, we are surrounded by people who are on vacation, enjoying every minute of their time in paradise. So you can’t blame us if we very frequently get caught up in that same excitement!

Expats in Roatan all call themselves retired, whether they’re still working or not. We retired from corporate life, from cubicle boredom, from suits and high heels. We opted for a life filled with fun – in a big way.

Living in Roatan means taking advantage of every opportunity for a new adventure; life in Roatan means saying, “Yes.”

We bask in the sunshine and lounge on the beach; we hop on a dive boat for the chance to see a whale shark and we go out with friends for a day-long fishing trip; we toast to the good life at sunset and we dance the night away under a sprawling sky of stars. Living in Roatan is pure, child-like fun.

Gone to the Beach Sundancer Cabana Roatan MLS 15-387

Gone to the Beach Sundancer Cabana Roatan

Life in Roatan is filled with natural wonder

Living in paradise doesn’t mean you get used to seeing stunning sunsets and forget how beautiful they truly are. No, life in Roatan makes you appreciate natural beauty even more!

We pause whatever we’re doing to marvel as the sun dips into the sea. We still gasp at the sight of a stingray gracefully flying underwater beneath our docks. We marvel at the dive-bombing pelicans seeking a shallow afternoon snack in the sea. Natural beauty surrounds us and yet we never tire of it. Living in Roatan means appreciating those moments every single day.

West end sunset roatan

West End sunset Roatan

Life in Roatan is simple

Do you remember when you used to know your neighbors and you actually spent time with them and interacted on a regular basis? Those days seem far away for a world in which time is money and we certainly don’t make an income gossiping over our ever-higher fences.

But living in Roatan means neighbors are friends and community is the key to everything.

Life in Roatan isn’t a competition to see who has the latest technology or the new fancy car. We don’t care who has a TV – many of us don’t even bother! Living in Roatan isn’t about working more to earn more to spend more to still feel like you’re falling behind. Living in Roatan is about simplicity and remembering what’s truly important in life.

Living in Roatan is about fun. It’s about nature. It’s about reassessing our lives and making sure to appreciate every moment. Life in Roatan is truly paradise. We hope you’ll join us!

Encanto del Mar West Bay Roatan MLS 19-539

Encanto del Mar West Bay, Roatan, MLS #19-124

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