Cost of Construction in Roatan

If you want to move to Roatan to live the island dream life, you could consider building your own home. If you’re not on a strict timeline for moving here, the cost of construction in Roatan might be more appealing than current inventory for real estate. Let’s go through the pros and cons of construction in Roatan.

Cost of Construction in Roatan

Right now the average cost per square foot in Roatan is between $90 and $110. That price different is based on wood versus concrete. Where you build your home might determine the materials that you should use, but more often, it’s simply a personal choice.

Traditional island homes are built of wood. They rest on stilts and then sometimes a second home will be built below, on the ground floor. More recently, construction has begun to vary widely as people from all around the world come to live in Roatan.

Given this huge interest in moving to Roatan, you might find that the current real estate market doesn’t offer the price point or construction style that you really want. Buying land and building your own home could be the alternative, with land prices still being quite affordable.

Pros of Building Your Own Home in Roatan

Building your own home in Roatan can be a dream come true. You’ve imagined your island lifestyle and the views you’ll enjoy from your front porch…you just need to make it happen.

In building your own home, you can choose exactly how you want everything laid out. You can choose whether your bedroom will face the sunrise or sunset. Align your kitchen and dining area for the best views from your hillside or beachfront location. Take advantage of the breezes and line up your windows for the optimal cross-breeze to cool your home. Building your own home is a fantastic option for many people.

Cons of Building Your Own Home in Roatan

The cons of building in Roatan are fairly obvious: as with construction anywhere, it can often take longer than initially anticipated. On an island, however, that extension is often much longer. Don’t underestimate the length of time building your own island home can take. It could be several years before it’s livable!

That being said, if you’re planning ahead for retirement, or intending to move when the kids graduate, or just easing into island life over the next several years…building your own home might be ideal. Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

Contractors and Builders in Roatan

If you decide to head down this path to take advantage of an affordable cost of construction in Roatan, I am more than happy to provide personal recommendations for contractors, builders, carpenters, architects, and even interior designers. Whatever you need, I can provide.

A really important note to remember is that this is a different country with a different climate and different regulations and different styles. I highly recommend you use a local architect who is familiar with Roatan to best design your island home.

You want to utilize the best materials and take advantage of the local climate and topography – oftentimes that means styling a home differently than you would do back home.

Move to Roatan

Moving to Roatan is a dream for many people. Looking at the real estate market, you might be shaking your head thinking that nothing looks perfect. Consider buying land and building on Roatan as an investment in yourself.

You can create your dream home from scratch. You can take it from imagination to reality, enjoying every stage along the way. And then when that dream home is finally ready, you can step into the island life exactly how you’ve always imagined it.

Move to Roatan to live your dream life. That’s what I did, and I have absolutely no regrets! Let me know what your dream home entails, and I’ll let you know whether building or buying would be better suited to your dreams.

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