Roatan: Your Simple Affordable Retirement Plan

More and more people are discovering our small jewel in the Caribbean. Here are a few of the qualities of Roatan that make it a great choice for retirement.

• You can have your dream lifestyle at an affordable price. From ocean view to beachfront, from condo to private home you can find it in Roatan at a fair and reasonable price.

• With weather always in the 70’s and above, Roatan offers outdoor leisure activities year round. Spend your days fishing, swimming, diving, walking along the beach or reading in the hammock.

• Direct flights from Miami, Houston, Atlanta (U.S), Canada, Guatemala, San Salvador and Belize, make it easy to go back and forth when necessary.

• There is a strong expat community creating businesses and jobs. Expats in Roatan have formed volunteer organizations, garage sales, church groups and more. This helps newcomers feel comfortable knowing they have a community for friendship and support as well as the option of starting a business, if interested.

• English is one of the main languages in Roatan, so for many people who retire and move to Roatan it is not necessary to learn a new language.

• Businesses US accept dollars.

• With one main road going from one end of the island to the other, and more than 400 taxis it is nearly impossible to get lost and is easy to get around.

• Unlike most other islands in the Caribbean, Roatan does not have high-rise buildings. All structures built on the island are limited to four stories. This creates a more relaxing environment allowing us to take in the breathtaking views around us.

So when you are making your retirement plans, close your eyes and imagine yourself relaxing by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, feeling the warm breeze and breathing the salty air and think Roatan.

Roatan Beach

Paya Bay Beach, Santos Guardiola, Roatan