Retirement in Roatan is a Dream Come True

It’s no secret that retirement in Roatan is a dream come true. Read any article highlighting the world’s top retirement destinations and you’re sure to find our beloved tropical island featured. What makes Roatan such a favorite among retirees? Let me count the ways…

Roatan Offers a Low Cost of Living

Of course the cost of living being low is all a matter of perspective. If you’re coming from a place with a fairly low cost of living already, then you might compare prices in Roatan and disagree with my assessment.

However, an unbiased look would be to compare Roatan with other Caribbean islands. Regardless of your home region, comparing the island of Roatan with other island options in the region will show you costs on a similar basis.

Islands require import costs and limitations on products and some services – that’s universal to islands by nature.

But Roatan certainly offers a low cost of living for a tropical Caribbean island.

Roatan Offers a Friendly Community

It’s for good reason that Roatan regularly gets hailed as an easy place to fit in. With an English-speaking local community and an extensive expat community, new arrivals find it very easy to make new friends and to create a community in Roatan.

For most potential expats, a visit to Roatan is followed by several more visits before taking the big leap. Those visits offer you the chance to get to know people and to already start making friends.

Facebook groups are also very popular for Roatan residents, offering a way for you to keep in touch with those new friends even while you’re back home making plans. You can stay in contact and continue to make more connections so that your eventual move to the island is a seamless transition.

Residency in Roatan is Easy

If you’re retiring to Roatan, you can easily acquire your residency. Retirees in Roatan simply need to prove their monthly income and then you can apply for residency and enjoy a few bonus perks, too!

If you’re coming from the US or Canada, you can visit Roatan for up to 90 days without residency. This is a great opportunity to rent and get more familiar with neighborhoods and lifestyles before jumping into real estate.

I am always happy to connect you with a reputable attorney in Roatan who can handle your residency application – it is usually best to work on your residency simultaneously with a real estate transaction if you’re new to the island.

Real Estate is Affordable in Roatan

Retirement in Roatan can be even more affordable if you invest in real estate. While renting is a viable option for many, buying real estate offers you a rent-free lifestyle with an incredibly low cost of living.

Many retirees in Roatan sell real estate back home and purchase a new retirement home in Roatan mortgage-free. That opens up so many doors for your daily cost of living. Imagine all the fun activities you could do with that extra cash!!

Retirement in Roatan is a Dream Come TrueRetirement Roatan

Don’t you agree that retirement in Roatan is a dream come true? You can actually have it all here: Beautiful beaches, tropical climate, affordable real estate, low cost of living, and a wonderful community of friends and neighbors.

If you are considering retiring overseas, I strongly recommend you consider Roatan. While I obviously have a biased opinion, you can also listen to the experts who gauge retirement destinations around the world!

Roatan offers retirees an excellent quality of life. You’ll love spending your time outdoors and breathing fresh tropical air. You’ll enjoy a slower pace of life and a focus on daily wonders, admiring vibrant tropical flowers and swimming in the turquoise seas.

No place is ever perfect and there are compromises to be made regardless of where you choose to live. But I can personally attest to life in Roatan being my dream come true…I moved my family here for a better quality of life and we have never looked back!

Are you thinking about retiring to Roatan? Feel free to reach out with questions any time, I’m always happy to help!

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# of Bathrooms: 1
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