We Don’t Do “Winter” in Roatan

We heard about all that crazy winter weather you’re having up north. Bomb-cyclone storms and snowfall in Tallahassee…the world has gone crazy! Of course, we don’t notice much of that nonsense while sitting here on the beach in the sun.

The Thing is, We Don’t Do “Winter” in Roatan

Winter Season in Roatan

Beach in Roatan

We spend our winters much like we spend our summers: under the palm trees, toes in the sand, sunglasses on. We pour a cold drink and enjoy the sunset. We go snorkeling and scuba diving and deep sea fishing.

In short, “winter” is just a word to us…a reminder for us expats that we never have to worry about shovelling snow or wearing so many layers that our arms stick straight out like a starfish.

We prefer our starfish gracing the sand by the coral reef.

What is This “Winter”?

Winter in Roatan

Beach front Real Estate for Sale

“Winter” is a term for another place and time – not for those of us living in the tropics.

Here, we get to enjoy the great outdoors all year long! We can sunbathe and bathe in the sea any day we choose, without hiding away in hibernation for half the year.

We don’t waste that kind of time here in Roatan.

We don’t scurry from the front door to the car door across icy pavement; we tap dance across the warm sand until our feet land happily in the calm surf.

We don’t scrape our windshields with frozen fingers; we roll the windows down and let that fresh salty air fill the car.

Is Rainy Season “Winter”?

Is Rainy Season “Winter”?

West Bay Beach

Here in Roatan, “winter” is just a word. We have rainy season, sure. But that rainy season is most welcome because it keeps our island green and pretty. We welcome the rain for our fruit trees and palm trees, for our hibiscus and our orchids growing everywhere.

Yes, even during the “winter” our island is alive and fresh and filled with color. There simply are no grey, dreary days here in the tropics. Even when the rain comes down in sheets, the island is alive with growth and color.

We don’t experience the silence of cold winter months when animals hide away and empty brittle branches eerily blow in the wind.

Winter in Roatan is filled with sound and life. Birds sing all day long and geckos call to each other by the outdoor patio lights; raindrops tap palm fronds and glide down those graceful green fingers.

We don’t do “winter” in Roatan…not the way you know it. We do winter our own way, filled with natural beauty and the sweet relief of knowing the only white stuff on the ground is soft powdery sand.

If you love northern winters, this island is not for you. But if you find yourself cursing and hating the cold winter months every year…well, you might just find Roatan to be your paradise.

Come escape the cold and join those of us who choose this tropical island lifestyle. We don’t do “winter” here in Roatan. See for yourself how easy life can be without those winter blues!

I’m happy to help you find your dream home here in warm, sunny, tropical paradise. I don’t regret my move here for one second…and I’m confident you’ll love this island, too. Get in touch and let me know your plans.

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