A Roatan Investment Opportunity for Lifestyle and Community

Finding a Roatan investment opportunity that fits your needs is important to me and to my colleagues all around the island. Investing in Roatan real estate is a decision to be made with care and expertise. That’s why I’m highlighting Springwater Resorts in Camp Bay. It’s a unique investment opportunity that any Roatan lover should explore!

Camp Bay Beach

Camp Bay Beach

On the far East End of the Caribbean island of Roatan, you’ll find empty stretches of white sand beach. You’ll see swaying palm fronds dancing in the sea breeze. And you’ll find acres of dense, pristine tropical jungle.

To call this paradise is not an exaggeration.

Of course, with the title of paradise comes a warning! This won’t be your paradise if you don’t like tropical sunshine, if you don’t love wild natural landscapes, and if watching the sunset each evening along the endless horizon all sounds terrible to you.

A Tropical Island Escape

The eastern end of Roatan is quiet and laidback. There are plenty of folks living out this way, so you’ll have excuses to gather for beach days and tropical drinks. But you’ll also enjoy space, privacy, and a quiet tranquility that’s just so hard to find elsewhere these days!

Springwater Resorts is a new development property in the Camp Bay area of Roatan. This is pretty much the end of the road out here! You’ll be able to easily access the grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and medical services in other towns. But you’ll be far from any traffic, pollution, and other chaos that takes over built-up places.

Here, you can relax into a hammock for a mid-day siesta. Or rise with the sun and do a bit of landscaping and gardening if you’d like. Maybe you’ll just spend your days basking in sunshine, walking along the gentle surf, or reading under a palm tree. Just watch out for coconuts!

Life here follows the rhythm of nature. We enjoy life while the sun is up and we relax into starry skies with the Milky Way visible overhead at night.

If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your days marveling at the beauty of nature, Springwater Resorts might just be your perfect slice of paradise.

About Springwater Resorts

Springwater Resorts master plan

Springwater Resorts master plan

Plans for the development can be viewed on the website, with condos and villas available alongside ample amenities.

But the focus of this community is on a quality lifestyle. Those who invest in this community are those who want a better way of life for themselves and for their families. This is a long-term commitment to the community and to slowing down.

There’s a reason we call it “The Good Life” here on the island. Getting on Island Time, recognizing the important things in life, and settling into a happier cadence each day…this is La Buena Vida here in Roatan.

If this feels like what you’re looking for, maybe this community will be the right place for you. Being on the far East End of the island, community is very important. We’re a little more self-sufficient on this side of the island.

Think of it as living in a rural community back home. We plan a little better before running errands. And we support our neighbors better, too. We help each other out and we look out for each other in rural areas.

That’s why this community is being built with our neighbors — and our beautiful natural environment— in mind.

A Roatan Investment Opportunity

Investing in Roatan can take many forms. There are plenty of developments and housing associations where you might see a quick ROI and move on to the next big investment.

Springwater Resorts is not that type of investment.

This community is looking for investors and owners who share a vision of growth and support. Investing in this development means helping the local community and reinvesting in the local economy.

Your Roatan investment will also help to build a library in Camp Bay, as well as amenities like a bakery and a tour company. This community is being designed with the entire neighborhood in mind. Creating a social space for locals to enjoy is more important than creating a gated community that angers neighbors.

If you’re looking for a tropical island escape where you can live the good life while also giving back to the community and the environment, then maybe this is your new home.

Springwater Resorts is seeking people like you who know good value and doing good can go hand-in-hand.

Life in the Slow Lane

Island Time Roatan

Island Time Roatan

If you’re ready to invest in Roatan, then you are probably considering spending at least part of the year here. Whether you’re considering moving here full-time or just for the winter months as a snowbird, there are some lifestyle adjustments I recommend you consider.

Moving to Roatan means slowing down. No matter where you’re from, island life is on a different time zone altogether!

Get on Island Time and relax.Things don’t need to happen right now, they can happen in due time. Let the tides calm your urgency and let the sun guide your day.

Learning to slow down and adjust to life here can be a challenge for some. If you’re worried about your own adjustment, I recommend you come to the island for an extended visit. Stay here for a few months and see how you like it.

Anyone can fall in love on a week-long vacation! But you’ll get a better idea of your own happiness here if you stay for a few months.

Also, do some research! I’ve written about life in Roatan many times, so read through these blogs to get an idea of what it’s like here long-term:

Realities of Island Life: It Ain’t Always Perfect
Beach Life is the Best Life
Retirement in Roatan is a Dream Come True
We Don’t Do “Winter” in Roatan

Ready to learn more about Springwater Resorts? Contact me for more details.

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4-Bedroom Resort-Style Unit for Sale

If you haven’t already, take a look at this Roatan investment opportunity at Springwater Resorts. The community-focused development is an incredible opportunity for anyone hoping to invest in our beautiful tropical paradise. But it’s a unique opportunity in terms of investment, so make sure you read that first.

If you’re looking for your own dreamy beachfront villa, this 4-bedroom resort-style unit might be your dream come true!

Located in quiet Camp Bay, Springwater Resorts offers true tranquility and astounding natural beauty. Without the cruise ship crowds or loud beachfront bars, Camp Bay is a wondrous slice of paradise here in the Caribbean!

This unit is the top floor of a sprawling building that includes the resort clubhouse, with the restaurant, reception area, and pool along the ground floor.

With amenities at your doorstep and endless natural beauty in every direction, this offers an incredible balance to enjoy the good life here on the island.

About Camp Bay

Camp Bay is along Roatan’s north shore at the far East End of the island. This side of Roatan is much more rural, with natural jungle taking over the majority of the island landscape.

Without the large crowds of the western side of the island, Camp Bay enjoys stretches of powder-soft, white-sand beaches. Palm trees and coconuts, tropical birdsongs and the gentle sounds of surf sliding over sand…life here is like a postcard of paradise!

The community in Camp Bay is, much like the whole island, a blend of locals and foreigners who have made this place their home. Multiple languages and eclectic cultures come together on the East End of Roatan to enjoy nature at its best.

There are neighbors around the resort area, and it is very important to the community that any investor is committed to protecting the natural environment and to supporting the local community.

Springwater Resorts will develop a community here that helps reinvest in the area, including building a community library and other amenities that can benefit everyone.

Being part of the community and sharing the vision of Springwater Resorts is really important. You’ll need to ensure your own future plans are aligned to make this the right investment. If you agree with community support and environmental protection, then I’m sure you’ll love where this community is headed!

About the 4-Bedroom Unit

Within the resort community is the spacious clubhouse building. The upstairs unit boasts four bedrooms,

Stylish, modern finishes and beautiful Honduran hardwoods throughout create a luxurious feel for your island paradise. With breathtaking tropical views and these high-end finishes, you’ll feel like you’re living in a dream.

Your gourmet kitchen comes ready for any chef to step right in and create stunning island dishes! Vaulted ceilings allow for endless sunlight to fill your home as the sea breeze dances through the windows.

A spacious screened-in patio is ideal for enjoying the vistas without worrying about any tropical bugs. This comfortable space might become your oasis of calm and serenity. Here, you can relax, maybe read a few books, enjoy a cup of Honduran coffee in the mornings or an icy cold cocktail in the evenings.

Off that large space is an outdoor patio so you can bask in the tropical sunshine and marvel at this picturesque vista at your feet.

You might just have to pinch yourself on a daily basis!

Life at Springwater Resorts

With a tropical playground all around plus all the amenities and comforts you want, life here is truly the Good Life!

Spend your days in the sea snorkeling, kayaking, or going out fishing for tonight’s dinner.

Swim or walk the beach for your daily exercise. Or opt for yoga on the patio or in the sand!

Without the tourist crowds around, this place feels like a secret hidden gem. It’s quiet and naturally beautiful. You can explore the jungle by hiking towards New Port Royal or explore the sea with day trips to other parts of the island and the region.

As Springwater Resorts continues to grow in the coming years, all attention will remain focused on being environmentally sound. This development is a true community project, with local neighbors involved and eco-friendly design being employed.

This community is for investors and neighbors who are seeking a better way of life without destroying the natural beauty that enticed us here in the first place.

The owner of the top-floor, 4-bedroom villa will have access to all of the clubhouse amenities, including the pool! There is also property management on-site if you want to rent out your villa while you’re not here.

Over time, the community will include a hotel with 18 beachfront rooms, plus 59 ocean-view homes on the hillside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. You can see the full development plans on the website.

If this sounds like the right investment opportunity for you, contact me for more details. This community has great potential for growth! If it’s the right fit for you, I’m here to help

About the Beachfront 4-Bedroom Unit in Camp Bay


10 Reasons Not to Vacation in Roatan

1. Do not visit Roatan if you hate warm, sunny weather.

Carefree Lifestyle Infinity Bay Condo #2004, Roatan, MLS #19-253

Carefree Lifestyle Infinity Bay Condo #2004, Roatan, MLS #19-253

2. You should not come to Roatan if you want to spend your entire vacation indoors.

West End Divers West End, Roatan, MLS #19-444

West End Divers West End, Roatan, MLS #19-444

3. Roatan is not for you if you do not want to relax in a hammock.

Casa de Serenidad - T20 Turrets of Turtle Crossing, Roatan, MLS #19-415

Casa de Serenidad – T20 Turrets of Turtle Crossing, Roatan, MLS #19-415

4. Roatan is a terrible place for those who do not want to be on “island time”.

Beachfront Upper Villa Unit Four Bedrooms, Roatan, MLS #20-83

Beachfront Upper Villa Unit Four Bedrooms, Roatan, MLS #20-83

5. Roatan is not recommended for people who do not enjoy beaches with white sand and clear blue water.

Las Sirenas Luxury Beachfront Condo 3, Roatan, MLS #19-398

Las Sirenas Luxury Beachfront Condo 3, Roatan,MLS #19-398

6. Stay away from Roatan if you do not wish to swim, snorkel or dive in the world’s 2nd largest barrier reef.

Cool Breeze Lighthouse Estate Lot 8, West Bay, Roatan, MLS #19-241

Cool Breeze Lighthouse Estate Lot 8, West Bay, Roatan, MLS #19-241

7.Roatan is not the place for you if you do not love a gorgeous sunset every evening.

Beach House

Dock at Beach House, West End

8. Do not waste your time in Roatan if you don’t want to spend too much money on food, drinks and entertainment.

9.Do not come to Roatan if you do not want to see lush, green jungles surrounded by big blue skies and stretching shorelines.

Home with Private Boat Slip Access to a Sandy Beach, Roatan, MLS #20-104

Home with Private Boat Slip Access to a Sandy Beach, Roatan, MLS #20-104

10. Definitely avoid Roatan if you do not wish to wear flip flops, shorts and t-shirts.Pirate Nation

NOTE: All pictures were acquired from the Roatan Multiple Listings Service

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What are Annual Costs for a Beachfront Home in Roatan?

We recently had a listing at Roatan Executive Realty.com a beachfront home that is officially off the market. This is a recently SOLD home in Sandy Bay with 160 feet of beach frontage, dock and easy access to everything you might need. I’ve gone through all of the bills to give potential Roatan real estate buyers an idea of the annual costs for a beachfront home in Roatan.

About the SOLD Roatan MLS 19-159

This White Sandy Beacfront home is spacious concrete home divided into two-levels on 0.40 acres of land. Located in the small community of Seadancer,  walking distance to a restaurant, dive shop and entertainment at Sol y Mar Beach Club just down the beach. Also included on the property is two units that offer rental potential. The home is currently divided into three units, with 3 bedrooms/ 3 bathrooms upstairs and two apartments that consist of 2 bedrooms/ 1.5 bathroom and 1 bedroom and 1 bath

Roatan Executive Realty

Roatan Executive Realty

Annual Costs for a Beachfront Home in Roatan

Want to know more about the cost of living in a beachfront home in Roatan? Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the costs

I’ll use the current exchange rate ($1 = L.24.64) for any charges listed in Lempiras, although sometimes you will pay US Dollars, depending on the company.

Yearly property taxes are about L.25,251.64 ($1024). Annual insurance runs about $1,050 (liability only covers the structure and dock)

Electricity monthly has been around L.4,830 ($196)Costs like electricity are very subjective. For example, in this beach home, the seller didn’t use much of the AC and I think the monthly cost might come down if more LED lights were used around the house. Motion sensor lights would also help. This annual cost comes to around $2,460.

Water -the house has cistern to collect rainwater. The cistern in this house has a capacity of 10,000 gallons. When water is needed the owner buys from Water Express Roatan.  They own a truck that holds a load of 2,000 gallon and will cost you L.2,000 ($81.16)  Annual costs are about L.19,997.82 ($811.60) that’s when using 20,000 gallon per year.

To maintain the grounds of the property and beach you are looking at L. 6,899 ( $280)

($280) per month. You can cut this down if you are spending a lot of time at home and could do the maintenance yourself. Annual costs for this service are $3,360.

Internet and Cable costs  L.1352.58 ($53.92) per month – or $647.04 for the year.

The seller opted not to have an alarm system. But if you were to get Bulldog Security (the most popular security company in Roatan) and have them monitor your alarm, it costs $85 per month. Again, annual costs would be $1,020.

The 25-gallon propane tank costs L.385 ($16 Dollars) to fill. This normally lasts us a month and a half, but it entirely depends on how much you use the oven. Annual costs for us are about $128.

Drinking water in Roatan is typically from a 5-gallon filtered water container. It costs about $5 to purchase the initial container and then L.35 ($1.50) for each refill. You don’t actually refill your own container, but rather, exchange your empty container for a full one. Annual costs will obviously vary greatly among households! If you go through 5 gallons each week, it will cost you about $78 annually.

A beachfront lifestyle is priceless. But, when you add these numbers, the annual costs for a beachfront home in Roatan are very affordableSeller paid around $1,000 per month to maintain her beachfront home. The cost of living is only one of many reasons people chose to move to Roatan 

Homes like Roatan MLS 19-159 that offer a rental unit already included help reduce costs even furtherYou could choose to rent out two units as a vacation rental or as a monthly rental.

Vacation rentals are priced higher than monthly rentals, but your rental preference will determine which is better for you. Perhaps you don’t want to deal with the constant changeover of a vacation rental and you’d prefer to really get to know the renters in your home. 

Or perhaps you’ll find it incredibly fun to constantly meet new people and to play tour guide around the island. The opportunities are truly endless.

Contact me to learn more about moving to Roatan and buying real estate. If these annual costs for a beachfront home in Roatan look manageable to you, then I have plenty of properties to show you!

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Oceanfront Home in the Caribbean for Sale

Looking for an investment opportunity? This oceanfront home in the Caribbean for sale might just be your perfect answer. Located in quiet, tranquil Jonesville, on Roatan’s East End, this 6-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom home boasts an expansive deck with a built-in pool.

You and your guests can bask in the tropical sunshine while choosing between a dip in the pool or a swim in the sea.

Having to choose never looked so good!

Roatan Oceanfront Home MLS 19-70

Roatan Oceanfront home MLS 19-70

Oceanfront Home in the Caribbean for Sale
Ideal for a residential option or for a commercial investment, this home offers endless opportunity. A B&B or vacation rental option for large families could offer income-generating potential.

The property is currently divided into 4 separate apartments, offering privacy to each occupant and the potential to rent each unit on its own or the entire home as a single large rental.

If you want to live in the home, you can manage the property while staying on-site, renting the other 3 units throughout the year.

Or just live in it and offer your friends and family the ideal spot to vacation and visit you! They’ll enjoy an oceanfront home in the Caribbean with the comfort of their own private spaces.

Caribbean Real Estate for Sale Now

Roatan is a buyers market right now, offering incredible value to those who are ready to invest. Whether you’re looking for a second home to rent as a vacation rental or you’re considering your own retirement options, Roatan answers every question with natural beauty and good value.

This particular Caribbean oceanfront home for sale boasts trade winds and lush, verdant tropical jungle. Roatan is called the Gem of the Caribbean, and it’s no wonder why when you look at this extraordinary location.

Enjoy a home on the turquoise Caribbean Sea while being surrounded by that vibrant greenery that makes Roatan so famous.

Its location on Roatan’s quiet East End makes for a peaceful retreat away from the crowds and the cruise ships. Although you’re not so far as to be isolated! Just a short drive brings you to restaurants, shops, the international airport, and other amenities.

You can spend all your time in solitude with the sound of the ocean lapping against your dock. Or spend your days underwater on the world’s second-largest barrier reef, teeming with life and color!

Roatan boasts plentiful outdoor activities and the serene beauty of a non-commercial island tucked away from the high-rises and chain hotels. This oceanfront home offers you all of these opportunities for yourself or for your guests.

Whatever your investment plans, we can find you the right choice here in Roatan. Reach out to explore current availability with me. I want to know your plans and dreams so we can make sure you invest the right way.

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Buyers Market on the Caribbean Island of Roatan

If you’re looking for a buyers market on a Caribbean island, Roatan should be your first port of call. After the housing market crashed in the US, Roatan saw a steep decline in pricing that simply has not fully recovered. Where other places have seen prices rise back to their highest levels, Roatan is a buyers market with incredible deals to still be found

Don’t believe me? Just check out this article in the New York Times highlighting the value of a sprawling compound for sale here in Sandy Bay. And that’s definitely not the only deal on the island!

Buyers Market in the Caribbean

Roatan MLS 19-15 / Palmetto Bay Beach Lot 5 / Photography Alden Melendez

Roatan is primed for buyers to get the best deal for Caribbean island real estate. Those units that were selling for $1M before the housing crash are now available at half the price. We’re seeing luxury homes in focus this year, with recovery in the US and Canada encouraging residents to seek a second-home investment.

The rental market is popular in Roatan. This offers second-home investors the option to spend a few weeks on vacation here in Roatan and then earn an income renting the home to others the rest of the year. It’s a win-win when you’re ready to expand your investment portfolio.

I am a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist as well as an International Real Estate Specialist, so I know a thing or two about making the right investment here on the island. Feel free to ask me more about the current buyers market situation.

Investment Opportunity on Roatan

Roatan MLS 19 – 70 / Jonesville Oceanfront Home / Photography by Alden Melendez

Roatan is a Caribbean island without the high price tag you see on other Caribbean islands today. With lower-priced homes available, you can find the right investment opportunity here at a wide range of price points.

If you’re ready to invest in a second home or if you’re looking ahead at retirement overseas, the buyer’s market in Roatan is ready for you. This is the best time to grab the right deal as prices continue to slowly climb in the years since the recession.

As that NYT article shows, we have jaw-dropping luxury homes at a fraction of the cost on other Caribbean islands. But that low cost doesn’t reflect low value.

Roatan has its own international airport servicing direct flights to Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Montreal and more. We also offer eclectic dining, with a variety that reflects the international population who have chosen this tropical paradise as the perfect home.

What you won’t find here in Roatan is high-rise condos blocking your sea view. You also won’t see the standard chain restaurants taking over every street on the island.

On the contrary, we boast a wide variety of locally-owned businesses and mom-and-pop places to explore. From high-end fare to roadside pop-up grills, whatever you fancy can be found in Roatan with lower price tags and customized attention.

Island Real Estate Buyers Market

Roatan MLS 18-251 / Pristine Bay Home / Roatan Golf course

A buyers market never lasts as long as you want it to…it’s an opportunity you need to take hold of before it disappears. If you’ve been considering investing but haven’t yet taken the next steps, now is the time. You can, of course, wait and continue to research and hesitate – that’s your prerogative!

But a buyers market for island real estate is not the norm.

If you’ve been planning and hoping, get in touch now and let me show you what your best bets could be in Roatan. You might be surprised to see some extraordinary deals that you thought would be out of your reach. But you won’t know if you never take that next step.

Feel free to reach out for some customized ideas based on your plans…I’m always happy to help!

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Caribbean Island Real Estate in Roatan

Are you considering investing in Caribbean island real estate? The Caribbean island of Roatan offers the best of everything: Affordable real estate, direct flights to the U.S. and Canada, tropical vibes, and a laidback lifestyle. Roatan island real estate options vary from condos to island-style homes to sprawling villas…so you can take your pick!

Real estate in Roatan can be the ideal option for your retirement or as a second home investment, with a strong vacation rental market making it easy to rent out your home whenever you’re not using it yourself. Many of the options listed below would include great potential as a rental opportunity, so have a look if that’s what you are aiming to do.

Caribbean island real estate in Roatan comes in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of price points as well. Whatever your budget and needs, you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for you here on the island. Just don’t wait too long…prices continue to go up and an island only provides limited space for future construction!

Here are several Roatan real estate options on the market right now to make your Caribbean island dreams come true.

Cocolobo Condos in West End

Resort condo for sale Roatan

Listed at $150,000 with 570 square feet in the heart of West End.

Cocolobo is situated in the very popular area of West End, with walking access to bars, restaurants, dive shops, and more. This beautifully remodeled studio efficiency provides two double beds overlooking the ocean along the iron shore.

The top floor units are larger, with pitched ceilings, and large balconies with floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors offering endless ocean views! A new kitchenette, new furniture and fixtures, and new air conditioner and ceiling fan were included in this year’s remodel.

All owners and tenants have access to the Cocolobo amenities, including a lounge, full size kitchen, sun deck, BBQ, bar, and infinity plunge pool overlooking the ocean. This offers incredible rental potential!

NEW: West Bay Golf Club & Villas

Golf Roatan West Bay Beach

Listed at $325,000 with 2,374 square feet, this is Phase I of development.

The exclusive West Bay Golf Club & Villas development will offer the experience that West Bay has been waiting for: A 9-hole, par 3 golf course! Phase I is now under construction, with a Perry Dye-designed course anchored by 22 villas, 14 single family homes, a restaurant, club house and a bar/swimming pool.

The development will be professionally managed and you can opt into the rental program for a source of revenue. This offers incredible long-term potential for a rental market that is sure to be successful.

Mid-Island Spacious Stunner

 Estate Roatan Home

Listed at $395,000 with 8,445 square feet on 0.48 acres.

Masterful design and comfort make this 4 bedroom/3 bathroom island-style home a tropical oasis. Conveniently located just a short drive from all the amenities of French Harbour, this home offers an escape from it all without disappearing into the jungle. Enjoy the tropical island landscaping and soaring ocean views from the extensive windows and large deck with multiple seating areas.

Below the home is a one bedroom apartment that can be accessed both from the inside for additional sleeping quarters or locked off and accessed only from the exterior, offering a perfect rental potential. This type of home offers the best of both worlds: retire here while still getting a rental income from the separate downstairs unit!

Hilltop Island Villa in Sandy Bay

 Roatan Sandy Bay Ocean View Home

Listed at $399,000 with 1,582 square feet on 0.33 acres.

This unique home rests on one of the highest hills in the quiet Sandy Bay area, providing magnificent panoramic ocean and mountain views. Surrounded by tropical gardens and flowing trade winds, this is a must-see!

The home offers a spacious open-concept living area overlooking the stunning patio and pool area…all with Caribbean vistas sprawling out before you. This is truly the good life in the islands. You won’t ever want to leave!

Whether you saw something you loved or you’re still looking for your perfect place to call home, contact me and let’s chat about your options for Caribbean island real estate in Roatan. The market will only keep getting stronger, so there’s no better time than the present!

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Realities of Island Life: It Ain’t Always Perfect

I am in the business of selling real estate on the Caribbean island of Roatan, located just off the coast of Honduras. But I’m not just here to sell a property and then walk away. There are too many realities of island life that I think some folks overlook when jumping into the real estate market, so I choose to be available as more than just a real estate agent.

After all, I did the same move years ago, so I know what it’s like!Realities of Island in Roatan

I left my life and home in the U.S. to move to Roatan in 2009. I wanted a slowed-down environment, where nature takes center stage. I absolutely made the right decision!

But there are certainly limitations to living on an island. After all, an island is surrounded by water and there’s only so far you can go in any direction. I’m always happy to chat with clients about the ups and downs of living on an island, so here are some of the basic realities of island life to consider when you are looking at moving to Roatan.

Small Town Realities of Island Life

Living on an island with limitations means that our towns and our overall population are small, making island life another version of small town life and all that it entails.

Small town life can be a harsh adjustment for some folks who are used to the anonymity or even the plentiful options for entertainment and nightlife when living in a city.Roatn Life

The coconut telegraph is alive and well, so be sure to think about what you do and what you say before you end up starting a new rumor here in this small-town world! Of course, the perks of small town life are great, too. You can always check out my posts to catch a daily glimpse of life in Roatan!

Island realities certainly include knowing most folks quite well, but because Roatan is also a popular tourist destination, there are constantly new people to meet and more fun to be had. So don’t worry that you’ll feel isolated here in Roatan – the small town vibe just adds to the island life charm.

When you know what you’re getting into and you understand those limitations, it’s actually a wonderful adjustment to make. Greeting all your neighbors as friends and running into friends everywhere you go is just a bonus to island living!

Island Life is Isolating

Islands are also isolated, which also means that sometimes we don’t have options for purchases or that we have to import something specifically from the mainland. We make do with what’s available, which can be hard for some people who are used to living in the land of plenty!

Living on an island comes with new challenges for those who have never lived on one before. You can’t take long road trips to the mountains or lakes; going anywhere requires a drive on the island’s one main winding road or hopping on a boat or a plane. You usually need to plan in advance if you want to travel to the mainland and flights can be expensive with limited options at certain times of year.

But the benefit of this island being small and our options being slightly limited sometimes is that we waste no time choosing from the hundreds of shampoos you find at a grocery store back home…we don’t spend hours in a car commuting or driving to the beach for the weekend.Island life is isolating

Instead, we walk out our front doors to get our toes into the sand and we consider a 40-minute drive a very long journey! It’s all a matter of perspective…

Understanding Island Life Real Estate

And living on the island of Roatan also comes with other aspects that someone from the U.S. or Canada  might not understand. The legal system here can be a headache and there are certainly challenges to doing business in a developing country with often-volatile social and political problems.

Luckily, our island is isolated (remember?) from many of those issues. But legal transactions for real estate and residency processing can still be a bit more of a challenge to navigate here.

But just remember that red tape exists everywhere! In a foreign, developing nation, the navigating of those systems can feel like a true maze for foreigners. That’s why I can’t stress enough the importance of working with professionals.

There are challenges of living on a Caribbean island that you should be aware of before you make a massive investment in real estate.About Living in Roatan

That’s where working with a professional realtor comes into play. If you try to purchase real estate on your own on an island in a foreign country…well there’s not much I can say except, “Buena suerte.”

Having a true professional on your side to not only help you find the right investment, but to also advise you on your potential lifestyle here or the potential pitfalls you might face as a homeowner, landlord, or retiree on this island.

This is just a glimpse into the realities of living on an island in the Caribbean. Life here is wonderful, but – just like life everywhere! – there are limitations and realities you should understand before you take the leap.

Nowhere is perfect. But this Caribbean island paradise sure feels mostly perfect to me.

I’m always happy to talk about living in Roatan and the realities of daily life and doing business here, so get in touch and let’s talk about your potential move. I always want my clients to feel like friends…after all, we’re about to be neighbors on this tiny little rock.

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West Bay Beach Home for Sale

A West Bay Beach home for sale that you simply cannot miss. Playa Bonita is a popular vacation rental located right in the sand of West Bay…Roatan’s most popular beach! This West Bay Beach real estate is rare, so take a look and see if this is the right opportunity for you to own property in the Caribbean.

About Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita is a 4-bedroom duplex home right on West Bay Beach. Situated in the sand and surrounded by lush tropical jungle, this home offers perfect privacy and peace without compromising convenience.

If you decide to buy vacation rental property in Roatan, the downstairs unit of Playa Bonita offer two bedrooms that both come with en-suite bathrooms and are self-sufficient, so you could rent them out as separate units or as a combination.

About West Bay Beach RoatanAbout West bay Beach Roatan

West Bay Beach is the most popular beach in Roatan. Regularly voted the best beach in Central America and one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, West Bay Beach attracts visitors and locals alike to its extensive stretch of soft white sand.

Just offshore, easily accessible on your own, is the world’s second-largest barrier reef system, with some incredible snorkeling sites within reach. Roatan is known as a scuba diver’s paradise and the amazingly easy snorkeling rivals that popularity!

West Bay Beach Home for SaleRoatan Beach Home for Sale

Buy a home on West Bay Beach Roatan so you can invest in the future. This island is what the Caribbean was 20 years ago. We have no major developments, but we have direct international flights and two cruise ship docks. Our popularity is just on the cusp now and is bound to keep growing!

Own a home on West Bay Beach Roatan so you can get in on that popularity early. You can choose to live here yourself, invest in a vacation rental option, or even invest for a long-term plan to retire on the island. Whatever your choice, this West Bay Beach home is perfect.

West Bay Beach Vacation Rental MarketVacation in Roatan West Bay Beach

With the popularity of West Bay Beach, you can rest assured that the vacation rental market is steady. While the island still has high and low seasons, as nearly all tourist destinations do, you can enjoy the fact that West Bay Beach remains the most popular area for tourists, so a vacation rental is an easier sell even in low season.

Keep in mind, however, that there is also plenty of competition right on the beach. Condos, hotels, B&Bs, and other island-style units are all readily available, so you won’t be able to charge high prices for this unit as is. You could, however, invest in a few updates and upgrades to charge more. It’s all up to you. Keep it simple and carry on with the rental options as they already are or change it up to make it your own.

Own a Second Home in RoatanVacation home in Roatan

As a certified Resort and Second Home Property Specialist, I am always happy to advise you on the opportunity to purchase a second home. I know this island inside and out and I know what it takes to make a second home a successful investment. Playa Bonita has fantastic potential, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Contact me today if you’re interested in this West Bay Beach home for sale. Let me know if you’re interested and I can provide even more details.

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Beach Life is the Best Life

Those of us who love the island life didn’t need to read this study…we knew it already. But, guess what? Research shows that living by the water can actually reduce your stress! The beach life is the best life, and I happen to think that life in Roatan is the best way to reduce your stress.

A study completed by researchers from New Zealand and the U.S. revealed that psychological stress was reduced for those who had views of blue, more so than for those who had views of green. Part of that could be the man-made greens that people might see, like gardens or playing fields, instead of natural greens. But mostly, it’s because blues calm us.

In Roatan, we have all-natural beautiful blues and gorgeous greens everywhere you look!

Beach Life is the Best Life 

It’s hard to argue: The beach life is the best life for so many of us. Think about how relaxed you feel with your toes in the sand and your eyes on the horizon. It’s such a wonderful way to realize how small our own troubles might be when we look out onto the massive ocean at our feet. Those hues of blue are the best way to relax and to eliminate our small stresses altogether.

Beach life is the best life because of those constant reminders. If you actually live at the beach, this isn’t just a one-week reprieve from stress. Every single day, you can wake up and walk out to the water’s edge to remind yourself of how small those worries are in comparison to this great big world.

Life at the beach is filled with blues…but not the depressing kind! These blues are shades from the sky and sea that we get to enjoy on a daily basis. And even when those blues turn a little grey with stormy weather, we know it will all blow over soon and we’ll be back to our beautiful blues in no time.

Life on the Beach in Roatan

West Bay Beach Roatan

Roatan is a tropical Caribbean island boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. In fact, West Bay Beach is regularly voted as one of the best beaches in all of Central America — and even the world!

But the best part about living in Roatan is that you have the opportunity to explore all the other beaches on the island, too. West Bay Beach is the most popular beach, but that also means it has the most tourists.

While we love the international appreciation for our beautiful stretch of sand on Roatan’s western tip, we also love our many other beaches that offer quiet and tranquility.

If you live in Roatan, you can actually enjoy all those other natural beauties whenever you want. Maybe you’ll live near a small little cove with your own private piece of sand. Or maybe you’ll live on the East End where tourists are fewer and locals get to enjoy the natural beauty that has made this island so beloved.

Life on the beach in Roatan means being surrounded by natural beauty, whether you’re on the most popular beach or the most isolated.

And, as we all know, the beach life is the best life. Science proved it!

Are you ready to live your best life by the beach? Contact me to check out some real estate options where you can keep your eyes on all the shades of blue Roatan has to offer. After all, we only have this one life…why be stressed?

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