Caribbean Vacation Home for a Winter Escape

I have a secret to tell you about Roatan. Are you ready?

This is the best island to buy a Caribbean vacation home for a winter escape.

You might think I’m biased – which I obviously am – but at least hear me out. This isn’t merely a random claim from a RER Roatan real estate agent. Roatan is the best location for your Caribbean vacation home investment, and here’s why…

Roatan is the best Caribbean island for a vacation home investment

I’ve already gone over it in other blogs, but this is just a reminder: Roatan is on the map and it’s on the brink of a huge boom in tourism.

This island was called one of the best destinations to retire to, to travel to, and to live in. Roatan is making major international headlines.

Add to that our incredibly convenient direct flights from more and more international destinations, and you’ll see that this little Caribbean island is going to be huge. The tourism industry will only continue to grow here, and vacation rentals continue to grow in popularity next to traditional hotel stays.

All this to say that vacation rental property in Roatan is a sound investment. You can come and go as you please – escaping the winter for a few weeks in paradise, or opting for a fun summer getaway with the family. The rest of the year, while you’re back home working and going about your daily life, your investment will be paying for itself as a vacation rental for the endless stream of tourists visiting Roatan.

Vacation rentals are already incredibly popular on the island, but industry trends indicate that their popularity will continue to increase in years to come. Don’t be late to the game, buy your own island home in paradise, and then reap the benefits of having it pay for itself through vacation rentals.

A Caribbean vacation home is the best winter escape

It’s cold up north right now. It’s really cold up north! Living in Roatan, we get cold when the temperature goes below 75 Fahrenheit. The only white stuff on the ground here is gorgeous sand – we don’t do snow here. We don’t do shovelling, we don’t scrape our car windshields, and we don’t have to put on 15 layers of clothes just to survive outside.

Although, to be honest, when the thermometer reads in the 70s in Roatan, we grab every sweatshirt and pair of pants we own because we’re freezing!

Roatan is the best Caribbean island for a vacation home investment

Investment in Roatan

Give yourself the option and the ability to escape the harsh winter up north for a perfect Caribbean winter instead. You won’t ever regret that ability to escape!

Now is the best time to invest in Roatan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Roatan is on the brink of booming. We’ve watched the trends in real estate and tourism, and there is simply no denying that the increased attention Roatan has recently received will dramatically change the market on this island.

You will not find a better time to invest in Roatan . Prices will go up, land will be at a premium, and your options will soon become much more limited.

An investment in Roatan now will surely bring you huge rewards in the future.

That is, if you ever decide to sell your slice of paradise, which I highly doubt you’ll want to do! Contact me today to see some incredible vacation rental properties in Roatan.

NOTE: All pictures were gathered from the ROATAN MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE

Condos and Homes for Sale

208 matches found

Port Royal, Mango Creek Lodge, Roatan,
View Photos (34)
# of Bedrooms: 16
# of Bathrooms: 17
Square Footage: 27000
Area: New Port Royal
Description: One of a kind opportunity! 1,200 ft of waterfront with 5 cabins, boat house...
Last Updated: July - 28 - 2021
Extensive outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining
View Photos (79)Virtual Tours (1)
# of Bedrooms: 4
# of Bathrooms: 6
Square Footage: 6000
Year Built: 2017
Area: Lawson Rock
Subdivision: Lawson Rock
Description: Casa Moderna is a stunning luxury beachfront home in Roatan's most exclusiv...
Last Updated: January - 10 - 2021
Road, Casa Lynda, West Bay Kai Linda, Roatan,
View Photos (87)
# of Bedrooms: 4
# of Bathrooms: 4.5
Square Footage: 4000
Year Built: 2018
Area: West Bay
Description: Overlooking West Bay beach Casa Lynda, a unique and well-constructed custom...
Last Updated: May - 17 - 2021
105, Infinity Bay, Roatan,
View Photos (6)
# of Bedrooms: 3
# of Bathrooms: 3.5
Square Footage: 2545
Area: West Bay
Description: Welcome to Infinity Bay Beach Resort. Last Beach front Penthouse available...
Last Updated: March - 21 - 2021
Lot 3 Lawson Rock, Todorojo, Roatan,
View Photos (57)
# of Bedrooms: 4
# of Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 4813
Year Built: 2005
Area: Lawson Rock
Subdivision: Lawson Rock
Description: Todorojo is the perfect, turn-key home for anyone looking to come to Roatan...
Last Updated: July - 04 - 2021
Black Rock Cay, Guanaja,
View Photos (22)
# of Bedrooms: 4
# of Bathrooms: 4
Square Footage: 1600
Area: Guanaja
Description: Black Rock Cay is a private island paradise located just off the coast of G...
Last Updated: June - 08 - 2021
Detached Casita at Parrot Tree, Luxury Beachfront Home +, Roatan,
View Photos (50)
# of Bedrooms: 3
# of Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 4562
Area: Parrot Tree
Subdivision: Parrot Tree Plantation
Description: This property is a turn key home located in Parrot Tree Plantation that inc...
Last Updated: May - 19 - 2021
View Photos (93)
# of Bedrooms: 4
# of Bathrooms: 4.5
Square Footage: 8000
Year Built: 2002
Area: First Bight
Description: Welcome to Casa de Las Flores, your Caribbean dream estate become a reality...
Last Updated: May - 09 - 2021
# of Bedrooms: 4
# of Bathrooms: 4
Square Footage: 5966
Year Built: 2014
Area: Pristine Bay
Description: Sweeping Views from one of the very best lots at Pristine Bay could be your...
Last Updated: July - 09 - 2021
View of the home from the street
View Photos (102)Virtual Tours (1)
# of Bedrooms: 6
# of Bathrooms: 6
Square Footage: 7400
Year Built: 2019
Area: Coral View Village
Subdivision: Coral Views Village
Description: Casa Margarita, a stunning mansion on the ridge of the island with views of...
Last Updated: January - 15 - 2021

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