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6 Reason to Choose a Local Roatan Realtor

Posted by Jorge Chavez on April 19, 2023

There are so many Roatan Realtors to choose from when you’re looking to buy
your dream home in paradise. One of the best aspects of the Roatan real estate
market is that you can peruse the Roatan MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for all
island listings. But I’d still like to point out a few reasons to choose a local Roatan
realtor for your real estate transactions.

Reasons to Choose a Local Roatan Realtor

#1: This is My HOME

As a local Roatan realtor, this is my home. I’m not just invested in the business
aspect of real estate in Roatan. I am fully invested in the sustainable growth and
the positive impact of this island’s real estate market.

I am Honduran by birth, so these Bay Islands…these jewels of the
Caribbean…this area is my homeland and I want nothing more than to see its

Knowing that, I can promise that you won’t hear me pushing you on anything. No
salesy lingo or cheap lines. I will always be honest and sincere in helping you to
find the right opportunity.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen some people move here on a dream only to run back
home feeling like a failure.

You have to be realistic about purchasing real estate here, and I will not hold
back any details on the process, the potential pitfalls, or the costs incurred.

My goal as a Roatan realtor is not just to make a real estate sale. That’s just a
transaction. My goal is to find the right match for you – a lifestyle, a home, a new
opportunity. The wrong match doesn’t help anyone.

#2: Understanding Local Business Practices

As a local Roatan realtor, I know the ins-and-outs of doing business in Honduras.
So you can rest easy knowing that I know whom to talk to and how in order to
maximize your benefits as a homebuyer or seller.

Business can be conducted differently here than in other countries. The old
adage of “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” certainly applies in

Don’t worry, I’m a local Roatan realtor with connections near and far! My
Honduran roots and my U.S. education and training all help me to find the best of
everything here in Roatan.

#3: Insider Tips on Everything

It can be hard to move to a new country! But, don’t worry, I can fill you in on all
the insider tips.

Want to know where the best cup of coffee is made? Or how about the best
outdoor furniture? Or maybe you want to know where to stay when you go to the
capital, Tegucigalpa, to file or renew your residency paperwork.

It takes a local to truly know all the options – even those ones without websites
or fancy big stores. You might be surprised to find some of the best local
products being sold from right inside the artisan’s home!

Those insider tips extend off the island as well. After all, you can’t always get the
best deal on items that have added import costs. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to go
to the mainland for larger purchases.

I can honestly help you assess your options based on all of the options available.
Plus, I speak the local language! Which brings me to my next point…

#4: Local Language, Local Deals

A local Roatan realtor is rare! Most real estate agents in the Bay Islands are
foreigners. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of expats here and they help make
these islands great.

But since your real estate investment might be your first real introduction to
doing business and making contacts in Honduras, it is of vital importance to
work with someone who actually has those personal contacts.

Being Honduran grants me better access to the local markets – simply being able
to chat with local business owners in their preferred language helps facilitate
better deals and better business. It’s a simple concept, but it truly makes a world
of difference.

#5: Your Success is My Success

As a local realtor, I can assure you that your success is my success. I believe in
increasing the benefits for my community and my country that the real estate
market can offer.

Inviting foreign talents and skills into our community means more jobs and
increased variety of services. That benefits my home!

If your real estate journey is successful, my contribution to my community is

And if your real estate sale is successful – whether you stay in Roatan or move
away – that reflects a strong market that ensures continued growth for my home.

Your success is my success.

#6: You Gain a Local Friend

My support for you doesn’t end when the real estate transaction ends. I will
always be available to help with any other help you might need settling in and
building a life here in Honduras.

As I said, as a local Roatan realtor, this is my home and I want to see it gain all the
benefits and improvements possible. Whatever I can do to facilitate your life
and/or business here, I’m happy to help.

I didn’t move back to Honduras from the U.S. just to spin my wheels and seal the
deal. No, I moved back to Honduras – and to Roatan specifically – for a better life
for myself and for my family.

I know the value of living in Roatan…and it’s not reflected in the cost of your
house. If you’re hoping to make the move to paradise, as a local Roatan realtor, I would
be honored to help make your dreams come true.

Feel free to reach out anytime – even if you didn’t choose me as your
realtor, I still love to help newcomers as best I can. After all, the island life
is all about enjoying the good life and celebrating community.

Welcome to paradise!

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